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Life Lessons

This is the kind of film that I keep going back to every year. This film shows how good a director GVM can be as he is weaving what can only be described as poetry. This is the film that shows what Surya is capable of as an actor and he brings out his full range. The film is excellent on a technical level and works wonders on a narrative basis as well.

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A Comedy With Real People

All of this is just my way of saying that Support The Girls does this, which makes the film enjoyable and affecting, to me at least. This is the not the kind of film that will draw big numbers at the box-office but hopefully, it will have a small following. Regina Hall is undoubtedly the standout actor in the film. The true triumph of the film is that it deals with a lot of heavy topics but never loses sight of the humor.

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A Magnum Opus

We have seen a lot of gangster films in Tamil cinema but what sets Vada Chennai apart from the rest is the authenticity of the setting and the focus on plot and characters. Where we might traditionally get a protagonist who will get many ‘mass’ scenes, what we see here is that he is a just another cog in the wheel. This helps elevate the film and makes it resonate with the audience. Vetrimaaran shows how good a director and writer he is. Until we get see the whole story of Vada Chennai it is a little hard to make up our minds but the bar has been set very high. If the second and third part manage to match up to the intensity and intrigue of the first, we will have a trilogy for the ages. Tamil cinema has been having an amazing past couple of months so the only thing I have to say to the filmmakers and the crew is thank you.

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Dear Academy, For Your Consideration

Being the scariest film of the year, Hereditary has a lot to live up to. This makes the success of it even greater. To watch the film is to understand why horror films have remained so popular over the ages. Other films may go for the jump scare to induce fear but here, all you need to do is look closely at the frame to be spooked. I realised that this was an insanely (no pun intended) good performance from Toni Collette.

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Love In The Time Of Adolescence

Moonrise Kingdom, from the idiosyncratic mind of Wes Anderson is a story about two kids; a girl and a boy who falls for each other and decides to make a run for it in idyllic New England. This is a very quirky movie with a lot of subtle humor. I have been a long-time admirer of Anderson ever since I saw his second film, Rushmore. It was, and still remains one of my favorite movies. Perhaps the greatest compliment that Kingdom gets is that, it never veers off into childish territory. It is to the director’s credit that he maintains a firm grip on the narrative and makes sure that the film is coherent and enjoyable.

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A Troubled Man

When you see First Reformed there are a few things that will grab your attention immediately. That includes the performances, the cinematography etc. as these are the things that we see. But where the film really succeeds is in what it does not show.
More than anything, this film is proof of the power of the words and scenes that come from the mind of Paul Schrader.
A large part of the success lies on the performance of Ethan Hawke who adds another milestone to his already amazing career.

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