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To Choose Or Not To Choose

Though the two male leads do a really good job, the film clearly belongs to Taapsee’s Rumi. She is without a doubt one of the more interesting characters to come out of Hindi cinema in the recent past and it is hard to think of anyone else in that role. The way she buzzes around with this crackling energy is a sheer joy to watch. She internalizes the character to such an extent that every time we see her on screen, we only see Rumi.

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Life Lessons

This is the kind of film that I keep going back to every year. This film shows how good a director GVM can be as he is weaving what can only be described as poetry. This is the film that shows what Surya is capable of as an actor and he brings out his full range. The film is excellent on a technical level and works wonders on a narrative basis as well.

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A Comedy With Real People

All of this is just my way of saying that Support The Girls does this, which makes the film enjoyable and affecting, to me at least. This is the not the kind of film that will draw big numbers at the box-office but hopefully, it will have a small following. Regina Hall is undoubtedly the standout actor in the film. The true triumph of the film is that it deals with a lot of heavy topics but never loses sight of the humor.

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