Rahman’s 10 Aces – Episode 2

The films listed in this series are in chronological order and do not reflect the quality of the soundtracks mentioned in this list.

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In the second part of the AR Rahman series, I will be highlighting what is definitely one of his more underrated soundtracks. When we talk about the 90s and the maestro, we tend to overlook Karuthamma. It showed that he is equally comfortable dealing with folk tunes as he is with anything urban or modern. Variety has long been the hallmark of Rahman’s career and this album is a fantastic example of just that. The film was important as it dealt with the real problem of female foeticide and is made memorable due to the songs that it had. Two of the songs from the film, Thenmerku Paruva Kaatru and Poraale Ponnuthayi remain popular to this day. The enduring quality of his music is something that we have come to associate with the master. If you haven’t heard this album yet, you should give it a try.

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